Media startup founder and digital nomad

Matt Sandy

Hello and thanks for visiting. Let me tell you a little about me:


  • I’ve just launched the Seedlings startup after developing the idea for eight months. Our premise: climate will be the biggest thing in the world. There should – must – be a media brand out there that is personable, relatable and with which people like to connect. That makes it easy for us to get inspired, come together, transform ourselves and create the world we desire.


  • I’m also the founder of Wide Avenues, a storytelling and investigations agency focused on English and local language content out of South America. Our focus is on delivering captivating multimedia narratives of the highest quality that hit a home run with mass audiences.


  • A year in the making, my stories in TIME and The New York Times on the future of the Amazon were published, delving deep in the history and present of the world’s largest rainforest. They are complemented by breath-taking photography and augmented reality models of the jungle.


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