Independent journalist and entrepreneur
based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Matt Sandy

Hello and thanks for visiting. Let me tell you a little about my current projects:


  • A year in the making, my TIME story on the future of the Amazon was just published, delving deep in the history and present of the world’s largest rainforest. It is complemented by breath-taking photography and stunning augmented reality models of the jungle. Read it here


  • I’m most passionate about the power of enduring human stories, especially from remote corners of the globe, to help us better comprehend the world. Each month I share an article, a documentary, a book and a photo essay in my newsletter. This month’s theme: The Amazon. Find out more


  • I’m the founder of a start-up, Wide Avenues, which was created to solve the challenges of investigating and telling stories about South America to an English-speaking audience in the digital age.

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